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NWR: Parking in Manhattan

We're going into NYC next Tuesday and we don't normally drive. This is the first time we're going to be doing it on our own. Any suggestions on where to park in Manhattan? Would it be better to drive into Hoboken and take the train? Any suggestions would be helpful... Thanks!

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    Depending on what DH and I are doing, we'll either park in Astoria, in Manhattan on the west side or we'll take the train from Stamford.Do you know where you're going?  When we park on the west side, we use a garage that's very reasonable but that's also when we're hanging out in that area.
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    We're going with first timers, so we'll probably stay in the upper east side and do some touristy things. I'm thinking it would probably be easier if we just took a bus.
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    We have parked in Hoboken several times and then taken the PATH over to Manhattan. We have found it to be the easiest. Hoboken has a $5.00 flat taxi rate to the PATH station so if you park just grab a cheap cab. If I remember correctly the fare for the PATH is $1.75 per ticket, per trip, so its a lot cheaper than parking in the garages. Have fun!
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    I usually park at the Hippodrome garage- 44th and 5th Ave. If you get in before 10 AM, it's $21 if you leave by 8:00 PM. You can't beat the convenience. I think it's even cheaper on Saturdays. HTH
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    If you're that close to begin with, can you just take a train in from near your home? Depending on where you're coming from, that would let you off at Grand Central or Penn Station and both are pretty centrally located to whereever you'll want to go. It's probably the cheapest, easiest, and least stressful way to go.
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