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Holy productive day. (WR, kinda)

First, the wedding related:I've completed all the information for the venue including menu and wine choices.I'm working with a florist to fit flowers into my budget without me putting a bunch of stuff together the day before.  Brunch weddings don't have a lot of DIY room.  I don't even get to decorate.I've confirmed my photographer and am working out the schedule.NWR:I'm getting close to closing out a project that has been neverending.  I've involved the right people at this point and we're convincing the client to look another direction (yahoo).

"You can take your etiquette and shove it!" ~misscarolb

Re: Holy productive day. (WR, kinda)

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    Go moosey...its your birthday...go moosey!Btw....I absolutely love the idea of a brunch wedding...especially the thought of mimosas, white wine, and bloody mary's and breakfast foods.  But I would DIE if I had to wake up at 5:30.  I would be the meanest bride ever.
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    Ha.  I just got a free room upgrade because they couldn't do the table layout we wanted in the room we'd requested.  Score!We get the terrace!

    "You can take your etiquette and shove it!" ~misscarolb
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