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So my hair is fine, thick, and straight.  I have high and low lights.  I've grown it out for the wedding.  It is about 2 or 3 inches past my shoulders.  I have been told by my hair person to maintain the lowlights I shouldn't wash my hair everyday.  My hair gets greasy, which annoys me.  Is it really so bad to wash it everyday?
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Re: Hair questions

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    My hair is also really fine, and if I wash it every day it just gets flat and lifeless.  I don't know as far as the low lights go, because I don't color my hair.  You could always get some dry shampoo for the days you don't wash it.  And if you don't want to spend the money, baby powder or flour (as weird as it sounds) applied at the roots can really help with the greasiness.
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    Washing every day is really hard on color. Make sure you are using a good colorsafe shampoo either way. I had a rough time transitioning from washing every day when I started putting red in my hair. It was a nasty pony tail on no-wash days. I found that after a few weeks, my hair started to get "used" to it and get less oily on day 2. My color guy said that your head produces oil to put back what is stripped from shampoo, so the more often you wash, the more often you need to. Eventually, your head produces less oil.
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    Did you know that when they say don't "wash" every day they just mean no shampoo? I always thought it meant wear a shower cap in the shower. Now that I have learned that they just mean no shampoo, i can cope better with it. I've learned that the best thing for me is to only shampoo the roots--not the whole head, just the part by the scalp-- on a daily basis and wash the whole thing once a week or if i sweat a lot. It helps maintain my lowlights because I am not drying the whole follicle out with shampoo and washing just the root area prevents my hair from looking greasy. On the occasions where I am not allowed to "wash" it at all (like the day after i get my hair treated), I rinse it and use conditioner.I hope something I said makes sense or helps. I took Nyquil about half an hour ago and am a little loopy! :)
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    and invest in a good color-safe shampoo and conditioner! :)
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    yeah i would definitely invest in a good color safe shampoo and conditioner (i think ones that are sulfate-free are really good for color).  Also my hairstylist was talking that she never washes her hair (she's apparently allergic to sulfates in shampoos).  She would just rinse it (like Sarah was mentioning).
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    Try alternating between night washing and morning washing, so going 1.5 days at a time instead of 2 full days.
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    My hair is shorter now, so I really DO need to wash it every day, but when it was your length I washed it every other day, or 4-5 times a week. Usually on my off days I would wear my hair up to keep the greasiness from bothering me. My fiance always knew when I didn't wash my hair because I rarely wear it up!
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