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Sorry, this is going to be a post and run.  I went to the doctor.  He said its most likely a pulled muscle, but that I need to go for an ultrasound today to rule out that its not a blood clot.  He really doesn't think that it is, but with being on birth control its a possiblitly.  So I got some anit-imflammatories and was told to use a heat pack on it. 

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    Well better to be safe than sorry. I was so late to that thread yesterday that I didn't get to post, and I didn't want to freak you out more, but one of the first things I thought was that it is a symptom of a blood clot. Well I'm glad the ultrasound is to day, so you can relax when it is done. I'm sure it is just a pulled muscle, but yeah, if you ever have pain in your calf, and/or notice that the pain starts to travel up the leg bit by bit, call your doc immediately. Hope all goes well!
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    Thanks cm. I have been worried that it's a blood clot too. I think that's why I've been avoiding going to the dr. I know that's an awful reason, but I'm scared. It hasn't hurt since yesterday, but I may still call the dr.
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    Oh. and keep me posted on how the ultra sound goes. I hope you're okay. :)
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