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A complaint-free world

Anyone ever heard of this? My friend is doing this "complaint free" challenge. You're supposed to wear a purple band (like the Livestrong bracelets) on his wrist, and every time you complain, you move it over to your other wrist. The idea is to go 21 days without complaining.What do you think about this? On the one hand, I wonder if you'd go crazy without the ability to vent sometimes. On the other hand, if it encourages affirmative action instead of complaining (e.g. instead of saying "it's so warm in here!", you get up and turn down the thermostat... or instead of complaining about your MIL, you decide either to accept that that's just who she is OR talk to her about it), the world could be a much better place. They claim that the less you articulate your complaints, the less complaints you'll have in the first place.
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