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need advice--long

So-My FI cousin is doing our photos for the wedding.  she gave us a price and said I will take photos all day long from morning til night.So last night my FI called her to arrange engagement photos and I had him ask her for a timeline so I know when to schedule hair and make up.  So he tells her I dont want to see him til I walk down the isle.  She tells him that he needs to talk me out of this.  Okay...I know how I want it to go.  She said she will need an hour after the wedding is over to start photos.  she said 30 minutes for guests to clear out and 20-30 to set up.  We are not doing a receiving line at the church so guest should be gone sooner than normal.My friend just got married at the same church as us and had a 1:00 ceremony that was over by 2 and her photographer did ALL their photos in less than an hour.  I want her to come before the wedding and do all the photos that can be done before and there are only 4 photos I really want done after the ceremony and anything more than that will be bonus.  So worst case senerio she would be set up my 2:30 and we would have a half an hour to get 4 pics done.  My FI just wants to do it the way she wants to and do all photos before and I am not happy.What would you do....move the ceremony from 1:00 to 12:30 to allow for more time to take photosormove the ceremony back to 1:30 and forget pics after and do it her way and do them beforewe have a limo picking us up at 3:00 so I am trying to get it to work around that....reception starts at 3:30 and we will be dropped off at 4

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    I vote for door #3 - Find the money to hire a different photographer.  Here's why: #1 - mixing business and family/friends is a bad thing.  If something goes wrong, there is no liability/accountability and you run the risk of causing serious damage to family relationships if you encounter a problem #2 - there is a reason people want digital photos now.  You can get unlimited shots, don't have to pay to get crappy ones developed, you can alter the color/lighting and clean up the photographs, you can make unlimited digital copies and upload digital prints to make your own albums, etc...  #3 - her attitude is crap.  It's not her job to tell you what your timeline SHOULD be.  You're hiring her - she needs to accomodate your wishes as much as possible.  FWIW - my photographer got all of our family shots/couple portraits done in less than an hour.  Find someone else.
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