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XP: Pro Pics and Reviews

I usually post on the NNJ board but a lot of my vendors were from NY, so I thought I'd post the link to my reviews from my 12/12 wedding here too. HTH!

NY Vendors:
Band: Cafe Wha
Photographer: Joseph Lin
Dress: Kleinfeld
Make up: Ria Fortune
Hair: Hair Fashions East

Re: XP: Pro Pics and Reviews

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    Congratulations!! What gorgeous pictures! !   You are such a beautiful bride!  I went to Douglass, and so have a special place in my heart for Vorhees Chapel, so happy you had such a beautiful ceremony there!  Again congratulations on your beautiful wedding!
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    agreed. you look stunning!

    alison + irene | 10-10-10 | Studio 450

    My Big Fat Gay Wedding

    Pro Photos
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    Congrats and lol your Randy comments.  :D

    Btw, love your e-pic dress - pockets rock, where did you pick it up, as I'd love something like that for the spring/summer time.  Too bad about the hair not traveling - been having an interesting time finding someone that can do ethnic hair and travel to me. :( 

    Also, does your make-up artist have a website and regarding your limo, who would you recommend?  These areas are still outstanding for me, so your reviews really helped.
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    you looked gorgeous!

    Can I have your make-up artist contact information please?
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    Thanks everyone!

    Ria (MUA) does have a website but I can't find her card right now.  Her email address is [email protected]

    As far as limos I would definitely use A1 again because they are reliable and friendly. But I know a lot of people on the NNJ used Santos limos and had a good experience and I think their prices are lower.

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    Oh and the dress in my epics is BCBG and I got it from Bloomingdales last summer.
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