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Opinons/advice appreciated!

I'm about to send back the contract to our reception venue/caterer for final review. I'm making sure to include everything that they promised in writing, just in case they decide later to not provide something or charge for something we'd agreed would be free. Unlikely, but possible.Was there anything extra that you asked your venue to include? Anything you wish you had in writing? TIA!

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    I am not sure about your venue but a lot of my local girls were talking about chavari chairs, or chair covers that their venue threw in for free. Or lowering the cost per person if they booked far enough in advance. I dunno, just throwing that out there. HTH!
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    The plan we chose included 3 "extras" if you will, and we wanted 4.  FI negotiated with the guy to get the 4th one for free--it worked; and he made sure it was written in the contract.We're getting the cake included, appetizers, water service for everyone, and a champagne toast for everyone. Huzzah!
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    We asked for a higher waiter-to-guest ratio. And we paid extra for it ;) But it was completely worth it to make sure that table 8 was eating at the same time as table 1.
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    See if there is anything in there about your price being guaranteed... Make sure there is something about the cancelation fee, like if you cancel you get $$ back if they rebook it. If there are multiple rooms, make sure your room name is listed. See if there is fine print that if your count comes in lower, they will move you to a smaller room. Anything and everything that is included in the package, make sure it is on there, along with times to start the event and times that your vendors can get into the room to decorate and set up. See if there is anything in there about a generator. I live in an area where the power goes out all the time and places need generators... All little fees, like bartender fees, room rental fees, caking cutting fees, chair cover costs, service charge, tax....
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