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I posted on Bridal Party, but I think it's more of an etiquette question....We asked our bridal party about 9 months ago to be in the wedding...FI isn't close with one of my brothers, but is with the other, so he asked him. FI and I were talking last night about my other brother, who I'm very close to... about trying to think of a way to have him involved with the wedding.... because he's probably closer then even my sister MOH. Is it rude to ask him to be in the bridal party months after everyone else? If so, is there some other job he can have to be a part of it? (he wont' do a reading, as he has trouble with public reading, and we aren't doing catholic so gifts are not an option).Thanks in advance for your thoughts/opinions...

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    Thanks! I think I'm just getting worked up over nothing. He'll probably just say yeah sure, what do I need to do.... how much will it cost me? And that will be the end of it. Before we were reluctant because he just started dating his g/f... and you could tell he felt a little uncomfortable at the thought of not being able to sit with her at the church.A year later, he asks me to start shopping for rings in a month... so they'll probably be engaged by the time our wedding hits... she's more a part of the family now and it isn't an issue.
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