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Wholesale Flower Petals

I am looking online at to order flower petals and I'm not sure how many I need. I'm going to use them to sprinkle along both sides of the aisle (50 ft) and around the centerpieces at the reception for 15 tables. I can either get 6,000 for $140 or 12,000 for $200. At first I thought I only needed 6,000 but now I dont really know how much that would be when they are actually sprinkled everywhere.

Re: Wholesale Flower Petals

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    Personally, for the extra $60, I would probably go for the 12,000, just because you can always find somewhere to use the extra ones. Plus, the aisle is pretty long. It is really a question, I guess, of how tight your budget is.
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    There are pages on and that will tell you how many petals you need for what you are wanting to do.
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