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I just wanted to tell you how happy your badge made me.  I *heart* Wicked.  It inspired me to break out the soundtrack and sing on my way home from work.That is all.

Re: *Bec*

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    Well, "I couldn't be happier!" about that! :)
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    Ha! I was singing Popular on my way to work this morning.La La, La Laaaa
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    My designer geek friends and I always do a CD exchange at our yearly conference, and last year FI actually found the instrumental version of "Popular" for my CD. I just labeled that track with my phone number, and when anyone called me I'd sing it to them. Of course, I'm also the one who will call you and belt out whatever show tune is in my head if I get bored on a road trip. You know we're BFFs if you answer the phone and hear, "Elfie, now that we're friends I've decided to make you my new project!"
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    I have that CD in my car and play it all the time.  Loved the show and bought the music immediately.
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