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thank you to those who gave such kind words . i just got back and everything went great. luckily, today was a "good day". she knew immediatly who i was and why i was there. for those who are reading now and may have missed the first post i will give you a brief recap-i am adopted and today was the first time i met my biological grandmother. she suffers from alzheimers and depression, recently her health declined dramatically and the nurses said that a large part of her depression was b/c of the guilt she felt for making my bio mom give me up (my mother was very young when she had me).i had no idea what to expect or if she would even know what was going on but thankfully,like i said before, it was a "good day" for her and she knew everything that was going on. i am very relieved and very grateful for the support you guys gave me. since FI is out of state it helped a lot to hear some words of encouragement from others! thank you!
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