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No response... to invitations?

I am not sure how to handle the people who did not send their response to the wedding. I am sort of over the whole thing and don't even really care if they are coming. Is there a proper way to handle this?

Re: No response... to invitations?

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    Yes. You wait for a few days after the RSVP deadline and you call people and politely tell them that you didn't get their RSVP and ask them if they are coming.
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    Call them (or cheat like I did and use facebook, many of my friends actually respond faster that way) and say you didn't receive their RSVP, and were wondering if they were coming or not.  If you need a number to give your venue or caterer, you need to find out if they are coming.
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    Ditto others.Even though you're over it, a few phone calls will save you tons of money wasted on plates for people who aren't planning on coming.
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    I would actually ask someone close to you to call the non responders.  When I was in this situation.  My MOH called a group of people for me, and my MIL called a group for me.  It was nice that I didn't have to worry about doing it.  Even though you are over it, it is nice to confirm so if someone does just show up you have room for them.
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    i know how you feel, i will be calling 54 people this weekend who couldnt take the time to drop a pre-stamped card in the will need to know if it is a catered event. otherwise you will either a) run out of food or b) pay for way too much uneaten food.
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