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Actually WR? Knot store sucking

Has anyone had issues with the knot store? I've never bought anything on there, but first it does not recognize my knot account. Fine, jerkface, I will do it as a guest.Then I enter all my billing/shipping info, and every time I try to go to the next step I get an error message.I just want some stupid matchbooks. Grrr.

Re: Actually WR? Knot store sucking

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    I was never sucked into the knot merchandise vortex, sorry.
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    That's right knot, I said shiit!
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    It didn't recognize my knot account, either.  I ordered 3 personalized jewelry boxes.  They actually came faster than I thought.  Maybe a week and a half or so.
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    I had a hard time with it. The chocolate favors I wanted were on sale but I kept getting error messages when I was trying to order them. After I tried for a few days and missed the sale, I e-mailed customer support and was helped immediately. That part was great and the product arrived super fast....but it was the wrong color. I e-mailed again, was told to keep the wrong thing at no charge, and the correct one would be sent. It was sent...this time, it was the right color, but the wrong candy. I gave up and used what I had. HTH...ugh
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    Jeez. All I want are some stupid matchbooks to put out by the cigar roller and on the bar. Lame. I should just find some cute non-wedding ones somewhere else. Screw you knot!
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    You could try sending them an e-mail and telling them something  is wrong. They might not realize the site is having technical difficulties.
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