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An angel and a banana

I have 2 random things to entertain P&E with.1. A little old man came into my office this morning. He was looking for a part of some sort and I helped him, then he left. He returned a moment later with a small ceramic angel and said he never leaves a place without leaving one of these angels behind and he wanted to leave one to "the pretty young lady that helped him." I thought it was sweet.After he left, the woman I work with said she had a similar experience years ago. She was sick and at the doctors office on a Monday or Tuesday (she couldn't remember exactly which). On her way out, an old man handed her a wooden fish that said "Jesus loves you" on it and told her that "she really looked like she could use this." She thanked him and left but didn't think too much of it. By that Wednesday, she was in the ER with a severe staff infection that she nearly died from. She was deathly ill for weeks but did eventually make a full recovery. She told me all she could think about was that man giving her the wooden fish, and she still has it today. So now, I have goosebumps, and a (perhaps irrational) fear that something is going to happen. Interesting? An angel IRL? Who knows?2. I came home from work last night to find my house full of DHs drunk buddies. Yippy. I came in, and walked to my bathroom and waited for whoever was in there to get out. When the door opened, it was a guy in a fuckking banana suit. Seriously, a giant banana suit. I was like "WTF are you wearing that for?!" His response: "It's Thursday."....Alrighty then.

Re: An angel and a banana

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    Thanks for the entertainment! I was just starting to get bored, but the banana suit cracked me up!
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    I sure hope not. I thought it was really cute but when my co-worker told me her story it made me think about it.HAH PBJ time! No, unfortuantely, it was not. That guy did try to tell me that all the rest of them were in the basement dressed like the Fruit of the Loom characters and wanted to perform a song for me. Lucky (unlucky?) for me, they were not.
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    Give me a day or so (we're getting internet at our house today actually) and I'll PIP a pic of the banana guy. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. He said he made a beer run in the banana suit too. I'm sure that would have been fun to see.
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    #1 - That's really cute and sweet. #2 - That is so random and hilarious!
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