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My fiance and I are planning a "Mad Men" style wedding--suits with that slim, retro fit, matte makeup, birdcage veil, etc. We were looking into using a 1957 Bentley as our transportation and also hiring a limo from the same company for our wedding party. We are both fuzzy on the details of who gets limo-style transportation--parents? grandparents? Is our idea something that will fly or should we be getting another car for our parents and grandparents to ride in? We don't think our parents would be comfortable riding in a limo with our wedding party since they are likely to be drinking and celebrating in the limo. Thanks!
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Re: Transportation Etiquette

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    The whole WP usually rides in the limo together (in my experience- not sure what the "real" etiquette is).  If you think your parents would be uncomfortable with the drinking in your car, get them a seperate one- but you don't have to.
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    I don't have much advice, but a '57 Bentley?  I'm jealous!Drool
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    Have you talked to your parents about this?  They may want to drive their own car...
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    You aren't really obligated to get transportation for anyone. Etiquette doesn't say anything about this, though traditionally just the WP rides in the limo. Basically, see if you can afford a second limo if you'd like, then talk to your parents to see if they'd like it.
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    I think if you are furnishing transportation for the parents/grandparents, I'd put them in a separate vehicle. Why don't you ask them if they'd like that? A regular limo or even a town car would probably be more suitable for the parents. A stretch limmo seems kind of overkill.
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