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Bless his heart...

Yesterday FI and I were hanging out with our neighbors. The lady's oldest daughter comes over. We see her maybe 3-4 times a year, but enjoy her company. Just are not close friends and wouldn't have contact at all if it weren't for said neighbor. She says " How come I didn't get an invite to your wedding?". I explained that because of budget issues we have to keep it small, close friends and family blah blah blah. So, FI gets up, goes into our house, and comes back with an invitation, hands it to her, and says "you can be (neighbor's) date". All this after I was just telling him that we better get some "no" responses back b/c so far they have all been yes. WTF? I can't uninvite her now, and all I could think to say (after we went home, not in front of her) was that he better come up with the money for her plate. Does anyone else have an overexcited groom who keeps up-ing the guest list everytime he runs into someone?!

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    Actually I was the one to do that :P  I drunkenly invited at least 3 people I saw out the night of my bachelorette party.  Luckily only one of them actually came and it was a boyfriend that was on the cusp of "flavor of the week" and "real boyfriend," and he probably should have been invited in the first place.
    Leo says hi. He's...special.
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