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My Leg

Just wanted to give a f/u on my leg for those of you who gave me great advice yesterday. I went to the dr. and she examined it. While she could see nothing that made her think it was a clot, the symptoms I describe sounded like one, so she in sending me to have an utlrasound this morning just to be safe. I most likely won't find anything out until tomorrow. Thanks again for all of your advice and support.

Re: My Leg

  • I had an ultrasound done for a suspected clot.  Turned out to be a torn/herniated miniscus (sp?).
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  • Good! You'll feel so much better once you know one way or the other. Hang in there!
  • Glad it wasn't anything serious amrs.Thanks Bec!
  • I'm glad you went! *good leg vibes for you* Keep us updated. :-)
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  • I'm glad you finally got it checked out! Hope it turns out to be nothing.
  • Good luck!  Keep us posted!
  • I'm glad you're getting it checked out!  Better to know something than just keep wondering.  Good luck!
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  • cew--is your leg swollen at all? Have you traveled or flow lately? I went to the Dr.'s for what my FI and general practitioner thought was a blood clot--and I remember constantly being asked about travel (being in the car for a long amount of time) or flying (long flight sitting down). Keep us updated!!
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  • Does she have any idea what it could be other than a clot? Or will you find out after the ultrasound? Dont die!
  • Glad to her she doesn't think its a clot, but to have the ultrasound will give you peace of mind.  Keep us posted!
  • No, it's not swollen and there is nothing that makes it look weird. Just the pain. No traveling either. She did ask me if I've been sitting or standing for a long time recently. Does spending a shiitton of time on TK count?:)She didn't say what she thought it could be. I'll have a f/up with her after she gets the results of the ultrasound, so I'll find out then.
  • [i]Does spending a shiitton of time on TK count?:)[/i] Errrr, no!! :)
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  • Errrr, no!! :) Thank goodness!
  • Spending a shitton of time on P&E can't possibly be unhealthy. Laughter is the best medicine, after all.
  • You are so right! How's your computer? Were you able to get it up and running?
  • Good luck with the ultrasound.   Its better to know what you are up against though.  I understand how you feel, the day after our shower the my fiance was complaining about his leg feeling like he had a cramp in his leg he didn't have any other signs. About 3 weeks later, he finally went to the doctor and they did an ultrasound and found a clot in his leg. That was in the beginning of August. About a week later a piece of the clot moved to his lungs.  It's been 8 weeks now and everything is almost back to normal.
  • Wow kel, that sounds awful. I'm so glad that he's doing better. That sounds so scary. I just got back and the ultrasound lady told me that she did not see anything! I feel very relieved. The dr. should be calling me today to let me know what she thinks it is.
  • Thinking good thoughts for you! I missed this yesterday, or I would have been thinking them then, too! :) *hugs*
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    I love you Missy. Even though you are not smart enough to take online quizzes to find out really important information. ~cew
  • I'm glad that you got things checked out.
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