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Anyone have a book?

I was in barnes and noble today looking at wedding planning books. Does anyone have one? Which one do you recommend? Thanks

Re: Anyone have a book?

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    Honestly, most of them are a waste. I've gotten far better info from theknot, projectwedding, and a few other websites.I'd recommend getting a binder or something to keep yourself organized, though.
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    I got a couple as engagement gifts.  Honestly, the internet is way better.  I've never used the books.
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    I received 2 as gifts and used neither.The internet and a folder/binder are your friend.
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    The one I bought was ok if I was completely clueless and without internet. As I am neither, it was mostly a waste of money and became a glorified binder to store contracts and info and such.
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    Someone gave me one called "the total wedding planner". It came with a bunch of file folders labelled bakery, receipts, dress,   etc to keep all your important papers.The only useful thing are some worksheets that you can rip out and take to appointments with you- like venure comparisons.
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    Use the interwebs, it's free and more useful.  I bought one and returned it after a few weeks, I found everything I needed on the net.  I bought a three ring binder to hold contracts and any pics I print or rip out, but most everything is on a usb drive that I carry around.  All the pics and contracts and whatnot, all neatly organized in folders.  Since everything is online for us, it's way better than carrying around a binder.
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    I got the Budget Bride one because I liked the organization of it. I know I am beyond scatterbrained in real life, and I didnt want to forget anything, so I have been jsut writing stuff down as I remember. Most of the tips, etc, I have come from the internet, but I need structure, so it is helping me so far.
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    I agree w/ kdc: it was mostly a waste of money and became a glorified binder to store contracts and info and such.
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    Thanks everyone. I agree with you all. I think Ive learned more from everyone else experiences and this website. I like the features of this site. Thanks again
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