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Job seekers and those who have used THE QUESTION

I got a chance to use it myself today. Worked awesomely, AS ALWAYS.The person who interviewed me would be my boss, but doesn't have the final say - her boss will choose. On the way out I said, "Tell your boss to pick me, ok?" and she replied, "Oh, I will!!"Score.Anyway, I just wanted to reiterate for those who have not seen it. If you have a job interview coming up USE the QUESTION.When you leave, your interviewer will review his or her notes, or chat with others who helped to interview you. If they come up with an objection that would rule you out, you've already left and can't defend yourself. When they say, "Do you have any questions for us?," ask your usual questions and ALSO say,"Is there anything about my resume or this interview that would make you think that I am NOT the right person for this position?"If they have any objections, you get to defend yourself, and on top of that, the question seems to impress so many interviewers that you come off looking AWESOME.It hasn't failed me ONCE.Woo!
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Re: Job seekers and those who have used THE QUESTION

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