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I want to include a magnet and a in my save the dates.  I'm not sure how to word it so people know the sticker is to put on their calendar.  Martha Stewart has one that says "We're getting married, label your calendar!"  I feel like that's kind of demanding.  Suggestions?

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    I think you should more faith in the intelligence of your guests. I wouldn't use it even if you told me what to with it, but that's just me. A sticker on my calendar isn't going to make a difference. Most people are going to pull out the calendar and mark it themselves.
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    Ours said "please save the date for our wedding" because I didn't like it without the please.  I agree, it sounded too demanding.  And then we listed the info below (venue and website).
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    Are you using a sticker or a magnet? We used a sticker, which guests could peel off of the card and place on their own calendars. Under the sticker, we had the words: "Affix this sticker to your calendar to save the date!" I don't think it sounds demanding, like do this 'or else'. You're just giving instructions as to what the purpose of the sticker is.
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