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Wedding Etiquette for a wedding announcement for a destination wedding and no reception

My fiancé and I are having a destination wedding in December and this is my second wedding.  We were considering having a reception when we return, however due to monetary restrictions we have decided not have a reception.  When we were considering having a reception and I was discussing the guest list with my Mother she was appalled that we were going to have a reception and seem like we were just asking for gifts.  However, I want our family and friends to know that we got married and I’m taking his last name.  Is it okay to send out wedding announcements stating that we got married if we are not having a reception?  I was thinking of including our mailing address on them b/c I’ve moved in with him the last month and have not communicated the new address.  My concern in doing that is that people will think we are asking for gifts again.  Has anyone else dealt with this or know anyone who has and what did they do?

Re: Wedding Etiquette for a wedding announcement for a destination wedding and no reception

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    I think sending out an announcement is perfectly proper.  Helpful, even; to let people know what your new name is (if applicable) and where you'll be living.
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    I would send something after the wedding, maybe with a picture of the 2 of you on your wedding day.  You could do Mr. & Mrs. and people will know you took his last name.
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    We had a very small 14 person wedding and sent Announcements the day after to everyone who would have been invited to a larger full blown wedding. Instead of doing an "at home" card, we just put our new address and when we would be living there right on the announcement.  The "at home card" would read Your name and husbands name last name (lets them know you changed your name)will be at home after XXXXnew addresstelephone and email if you want
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    Traditionally, wedding announcements are not seen as a gift grab, and are perfectly appropriate, especially for a destination wedding.
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    I think these are perfectly fine. A shot of the two of you at your wedding, maybe with something like, "We're Married!" and "You can reach us at address, phone number, etc."
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