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Stupid Hair

A few months ago I wrote a post about how my hair trial sucked, and I ultimately decided to give the stylist another chance. I guess I should have trusted my instinct... My hair stylist charges $55 for an updo and gives you a free trial. Well, my trial sucked the first time (PP) so I called her to tell her why I was unhappy about it. She OFFERED for me to come in and "play around" with my hair... so I did that. She never styled it or anythng and only ended up putting it in curlers, clipping it back to see where i wanted it and then taking it all out once we found a style that framed my face the way I liked. I had my bridal portraits last week and I was really unhappy with how my hair appt went. My mom and my sister were there. I don't know what the stylist was doing to my hair, but it looked nothing like what we had done in the 2nd trial despite the fact that the lady took lots of pics (but didn't bring them to the salon that day). I was there for an hour and a half and in the end she just put it up in a half pony tail and curled my hair. My sister told me she didn't want this person doing her hair for the wedding (she's my MOH) bc the stylist just looked very frazzled. By the time I left I was so upset that I was almost crying. The top half of my hair wasn't even and there were bumps. It doesn't even look like my hair got done professionally. So- after she finished my hair for my bridal portrait, I tried to pay her $55 and she told me and my family that we didn't need to pay her. Then, walking out the door, she said she and I had talked about my tab before. No, we had never talked about a tab and I had no idea what she meant. My mom ended up going back in her salon and paying her the $55. So after sleeping on it I decided that I didn't want to use her anymore. I never had a good feeling about her doing formal up-dos and after 3 tries I feel like that is plenty of chances to get a style right. There were other issues with her too, like her unwillingness to come to us to do our hair on the day of the wedding (despite the fact that I needed a stylist who would come to the church and that is what she agreed to do) but I just don't want to get into typing 10 pages about it. After I cancelled my appt, she emailed me and told me that I owe her $180 for my two other trials and for her time. She also made a jab at my by saying that obviously wedding stress was getting to me... well no, it's really not. I just dont want my hair to look like $hit. So anyway, I dont if I should pay her or how much. I know she did those two trials and spent her time with me, and I am a fair person. But if she does a free trial for a formal updo then I should have gotten one of my trials for free. The 2nd trial wasn't an actual formal hairstyle and she is the one who offered for me to come back into the salon. I don't know where she got $180 from. I am also upset because I have been a loyal customer to her and have referred people to her salon. She highlights and cuts my hair and waxes my eyebrows. I hate to burn a bridge but it is my wedding day and if she sucked at doing formal hairstyles, which honestly she really does, then I should be able to make other arrangements without making her mad. Sorry this was so long. What do you think I should do? I was thinking of just paying her $55 for one of the trials and leaving it at that since I was supposed to get a free trial and the 2nd trial wasn't even a formal updo. My FI thinks I shouldn't pay her anything because I paid her for my bridal portraits and the first two appts were considered the trials for that.

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    I would probably respond and tell her that you considered the first two appointments to be trials before your bridal portraits, and that they should therefore be complimentary. If she keeps pushing you, you can always say, "fine, i'll pay for the second trial, take it or leave it." Also, it might be worth your time to ask her where this $180 is coming from? Even if you paid full price for your two trials and your portrait session, it would still add up to $165, not $180...not to mention that you paid for one session. Maybe say something like, "are you suggesting that I pay you $90 each for the two trial sessions?" She sounds like a ridiculous person, and I hope you find someone better!
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    I would definitely ask for a breakdown of how she came to that amount, and even then I'm not sure if I'd pay it.
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    Jeebs, that's a lot of words.  Anyways, if the updo comes with 1 free trial, and you got 1 additional trial then if I read correctly, you still owe her for 1 trial.  If you paid for the updo for the bridal pics, then you got the 1 trail with it.  So that additional trial is still left unpaid, so $55.Also, if you still want to go to her for cut and color, I would email her back that you still love the way she does those but you just weren't pleased with the updo and really want it perfect for the wedding. 
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    I think you need to find out where she is getting the $180 and how she would break it down, and also asking her whether the "trials" were $90 each is a good idea. You could also jab back at her by saying you hope you can resolve all of this, since you'd really like to keep coming to her for your regular appointments. She doesn't want to lose a customer.
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    I also think I need to ask her about the $180 but honestly, I just don't even want to talk to her. When I told her I was cancelling, I told her that I loved her salon and I thought she was such a nice person but that after 3 trials I just wasn't happy with the way my hair was turning out. I really thought I was being very nice. I feel like with her reaction I wouldn't want her to do my hair anymore.
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    I'd send her an email back, asking for clarification and pointing out that you've already paid her. Something to the effect of: "Hi so and so. Just got your email and I'm confused. You mention that I owe you $180, but I can't begin to figure out how that could be possible. I already paid you the $55 we agreed upon for my bridal portrait and I understood that a trial came along with that. So I have no idea where the $180 is coming from. Please let me know your thoughts -- I know we both want to get this straightened out as quickly and easily as possible. Thanks, your name" FWIW, I wouldn't go back to her after this anyway. but I would want to try to come up with something that is equitale for both of you. I'd probably be willing to pay a little something for that second trial, but not the whole $55. And I wouldn't even mention the second trial in your initial response since it wasn't a full trial. If she wants to, she can bring that up. Remember to be very careful about anything you put in writing.
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    Thanks I almost don't want to put anything in writing because I know it can come across wrong and also because I don't want to get in a bickering match with her. I re-read the email and I did catch that she said "as you know, I charge $55 and up" so now I think she is tacking on an extra $40 for the and up part.
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