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Damn you MUA!

So I emailed my MUA and she emailed me back today telling me that she has to cancel and is sorry. She said it has never happened before. It's just a teacher who does this on the side so no contract. I doubt she would have even told me if I hadn't emailed her! I booked her In FEB! So stressed out now!

Re: Damn you MUA!

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    I can understand that you must be stressed - post on your local for other MUA recommendations.Unfortunately, that's the chance you take when you hire someone (esp. without a contract) but I'm sure you know this.
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    MUA? Please define for me.  I thought I was pretty well versed in most of the acronyms. TIA.
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    mua - makeup artist I'm sure you can find someone else.  Either at a nice local hair/nail salon or even someone at the nicer department stores at the mall (or Sephora - do you have one near you?).  Just go do a bunch of trials over the next few days and find someone you like. Not to be all Pollyanna (and thus being all Pollyanna) but of all the vendors who can cancel, I actually think this is one of the more easily remedied.  Hopefully it's all down hill from here.
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    Thanks, Carrie!
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    The only thing that messes this up is that my hair stylist is coming to the house so I would need someone willing to come to me. I am going to go to MAC and Sephora to see what's the deal with those girls...
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