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Hey Ladies!  First I need to introduce myself,  My name is Amy, getting married 6/19/10. Second, I am in need to suggestions and ideas.My MOH has offered to play part/all of my ceremony music (shes a violinist). She has suggested many songs, but I'm rediculous when it comes to this because I don't know what songs need to be played when and when she should play the violin. Do I have her play several songs or just one?What ceremony music are you going to play and when?Thanks for any help you can offer!! : )

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    Music at a secular wedding ceremony (not counting something like a Catholic Mass which has its own rules) tends to be played at three points: first, at the beginning, when your musician can do something as a prelude while people are being seated and then something to accompany you walking down the aisle; second, if you wish, in the middle of the ceremony after the readings (if there's something really important you want played); third, for the recessional when you and your new husband walk out.There are all sorts of lists of appropriate traditional and non-traditional music online and in books that you can look at to get ideas. If you want your wedding to be like everyone else's, you can play Pachelbel's Canon at some point.My wedding music:Processional: My brother will sing something, probably from a musical, maybe "Some Enchanted Evening"After readings: My brother and my best friend will sing the Papageno/Papagena duet from Mozart's Magic FluteRecessional: "The Hook" by Blues Traveler (a recording)
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    I'd probably have her play multiple songs.We used Processional: Cannon in D played on an acoustic guitarRecessional: Led Zeplin's Thank YouI can't rmemeber what the BMs walked down to.  It was a mozart piece, but I can't remember what it was called.
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    Since she's a MOH, do you want her to walk down the aisle and then pick up her violin in time for your walk down the aisle?
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    will MOH be walking in the ceremony?  I would maybe have her play something during the ceremony if its important to you, but I would not want to coordinate her to play the whole might be chaotic.  Maybe a combo with some recorded music (could still be her playing it) and live.....IDK.  Just think about it before signing her up to do too much and possibly miss out on standing up with you.
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    My processional was the theme song (the instrumental version) to Princess Bride.My recessional was Van Halen Love Walks In.
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    For music, see my bio under ceremony.
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    It's totally up to you. Does she play other weddings? Ask what she normally would play. Or see if you can find online playlists that string quartets in your area do.I'm going super traditional at my wedding. You'll probably want pre-ceremony music to cue the guests to find their seats, a processional song for the wedding party, a song for your own processional, and a recessional at the end. At least.I'm just doing totally straight forward, classic stuff, but I'll have a string trio. Examples of what I'm using: Pachabel's Canon, Wagner's wedding march, Ode to Joy (maybe), and Simple Gifts.
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