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Has this happened to anyone?

I'm getting married in less than a month.  We booked our wedding at a Hilton hotel in MA.  We have already gone through 3 coordinators, now i just found out today that a new person is starting on monday.  I know there is a lot of turnover in the hotel industry.  But 4 people in a year??  I'm trying to go there to meet with a manager, but i've gone through all my wedding details with three different people already, now a 4th??  i think that is crazy.  Anyone else dealing with high turnover?

Re: Has this happened to anyone?

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    No, but the places where I got both my engagement ring and wedding dress went out of business shortly after I made my purchase. Kinda sucked in both cases, but at this point neither one is an issue. Hopefully they have taken notes about your wedding details already so you don't have to repeat too much!
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    This hasn't happened to me personally but hospo really does have the high a turn over. We have had 3 managers at our work this year alone. Not much that can be done unfortunatly, just hope this person is really good.
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    Yes! This happened to us! The director of catering/guy in charge of our wedding was replaced and the venue didn't bother to call us. They then hired a girl with no previous experience and I had to deal with her and the fact that this fired guy had the relationship with us. Then the girl who was in charge of our room blocks (same place) tells us that she' leaving a month later. And after that, 2 weeks later, girl with no experience gets fired too. They didn't bother to call us for that one either. Finally, when the wedding rolled around we had another woman on our staff and she stayed around until the wedding.
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