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I was curious about how to work out my wedding party walking down the aisle at the ceremony. I have six bridesmaids, five groomsmen, two flower girls, and one ring bearer. Every wedding I've gone to has had different ways of doing it, but I was wondering should I have the extra bridesmaid go down by herself? Or should she go along with one of the other bridesmaids and groomsmen? Does it matter? Any advice is appreciated.
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    I would let the MOH go by herself
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    naomikbnaomikb member
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    The short answer is no, it doesn't matter.  You can do whatever you want and whatever works for your group.

    Instead of pairs going down the aisle, you can alternate MOH, BM, girl, guy, girl, guy, girl, guy......girl.

    I was also in a wedding where one groomsman escorted two bridesmaids down the aisle - that worked fine and didn't look awkward.

    Personally, I would prefer either of these two scenarios to the MOH walking by herself.
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    My DH's best man was up front with him at the start of the ceremony, so my MOH walked down by herself and out with him. It didn't look awkward at all.
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    I'm glad you asked because I was thinking the same thing. I have 1 MOH, 1 Bestman, 3BM, 3GM, 2 FG w/ FG Escort and a RB. So my Fiance' will escort his mother to her seat and walk down the aisle the rest of the way by himself. The Bestman and Groomsmen will already be waiting on him at the front. The MOH and the BM's will walk individually followed by the two flower girls (his neices) escorted by his nephew...all 3 year olds. Then my nephew is the ringbearer. My problem is how will they walk out? If I did it by height his sister would walk with his brother even though he is the BM and should technically walk with the MOH. So I'm thinking they could just pair up and walk out together...who knows lol!
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    It's completely up to you! I have also seen, especially if flower girls are real young, where the last bridesmaid walks with the flower girls.
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