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Are housewarming parties only if you buy?

So we're getting this AWESOME flat in the city.  Naturally I want to throw a party and suggested having a housewarming party!  As we're all talking in a group, I overheard one girlfriend ask smirkingly, "Why would you have a housewarming party if you didn't even buy that place?"

I wasn't planning on setting up a registry like she did with her housewarming party (which comes across as tacky, I think), but just wanted to have a gathering to create new memories and of course show off new apt.  But now we feel so offended and  embarassed about her comments.Embarassed

Is it wrong to have a housewarming party if we're renting? 

Re: Are housewarming parties only if you buy?

  • no way! you should totally have a housewarming party. In fact, I think I've only attended housewarmings for people who are renting. And I would totally agree that registering for a housewarming party is super tacky! You might as well have a dollar dance while you're at. jk

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  • This is a new one on  me and I've lived in NYC since college (MOB now)

    I could go get the EPost to double check but then I take the chance on finding out that every friend I've ever had here was rude & tacky for having one.

    Have your party, a new apartment is a great reason!
  • I have been to a ton of housewarming parties at rented apartments.  So many people in NYC rent - it doesn't make it any less your home.  Have your party and congrats on the new place!

  • I had one Smile 
    It was for the same reasons as you have too- my FI and I just moved back to NYC into our first place together. Of course, we aren't ready or able to buy yet but why should that keep us from having a welcome party? 
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  • Say what? That girl is RUDE and jealous. Just make it clear that you aren't expecting gifts and it will be fine. And - don't invite this girl. Enjoy and congrats!
  • Thanks girls!  *hugs*
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