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I see you're online so I thought I'd ask. I'm posting and running though in ten minutes because I have to get ready for work. You said you were going to check a source about whether or not the police captain's invite was going to be "Mr. and Mrs." or "Captain and Mrs." I"m still fighting with mother over this, was hoping you could clarify? I hate that I'm waffling on something so simple. Also, FMIL won't tell me the names of her husband's sibling's children's kids (I think?); she claims to not know them and that it's "impossible" to get ahold of them on the phone. Since I know they're all younger children, can I put "Mr. and Mrs. Lastname and family?"

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    Thanks, I"d heard that "and family" was wrong, but I really don't see a way around it. FI's family is a hot mess.
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    Can't FI take the bull by the horns and call one of the siblings himself?  When you put "and family" you aren't naming who is invited and you are opening up a major can of worms for extra uninvited guests.
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    No. He's out of the country until just before the wedding. Phone calls cost an arm and a leg and he doesn't have time for anything but med school. I doubt FMil would give me the numbers for me to do it myself either.
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    Sorry! I left the window open and ran to the grocery store.If he uses this as a social thing - like he's a police captain and everyone in town calls him this then write it as Captain.At the very least, by calling him captain you're staying on the side of being more respectful of his title.As for the cousins children (or step-cousins?), I'd call up someone who might know like the husbands brothers or sisters.  Writing & family may be easy but it's technically not correct and you'll still need the names for place cards and meals - and also so you know who you'll be meeting at your wedding!We encountered a similar issue with all the kids in DH's family so we called his Aunt and got the dirt from her. 
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