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Stuck for invite wording

Suggestions for invite wording that isn't traditional? We're hosting, it can't be religious. Not finding anything online that catches me, thought you guys might have something.TIA!
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Re: Stuck for invite wording

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    Our said: Mr. and Mrs. My Kick Azz Parents invite you to share in their joy as they celebrate the marriage of their daughter Me to My Cool Hubby... blah blah blah location, time, address.
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    I wouldn't says ours is particularly non-traditional, but it doesn't mention who is hosting: The pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage of PC & RC On Thisday the somethingth of ThisMonth 2009 at ThisLocationAddress goes here Ceremony begins at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.Reception to follow immediately after. RSVP details go here.
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    Oh, reading fail. You're hosting. You could still use a share in the celebration of or share in the joy of. Are most invitation wordings religious? I don't remember coming across a lot of them. Or maybe I just read through the non-religious ones and blocked out the religious wordings.
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    I just said: Together with their families Emily Kathleen M and Justin L N request the pleasure of your company as they exchange marriage vows Sunday, the thirtieth of May two thousand ten at half past four in the evening Mississippi Dunes Grey Cloud Trail Cottage Grove, Minnesota Reception immediately following ceremony (I have heard that "request the pleasure of your company" is what you use for non-religious ceremonies and "request the honor of your presence" is what you use for religious ceremonies...I'm not sure how I feel about that, and if I really had wanted use the "honor of your presence" wording I would have, but I figured I would just go for the "proper" way since I didn't care too much)
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