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Dear friend's girlfriend

Dear Friend, For the last 3 years of your relationship not only have you pestered your boyfriend to propose, but you have bugged everybody else in our circle of friends to pester your boyfriend to propose. You finally get your wish a couple of weeks ago and your getting married in June 2011 and you are already tired of planning your wedding. Wait until you get closer to actually complain. 'Kay? Thanks!

Re: Dear friend's girlfriend

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    She really doesn't need to be planning this far out anyway.  She sounds like so much fun.
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    Well I already told her to wait so she doesnt get burnt out, but she is not the type to listen. Oh and she is a peach,after a year of dating she told all of the girls in our group (all couples) when sh date was going to be, which was around a year ago and that none of us could get married anywhere near that.
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    Ha! If she's two years out and tired already.... hooo boy! I hear Bridezillas is looking for people!
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    Eh, I kind of get it.  The first two weeks of being engaged were really overwhelming--everyone wants to know when it is, where it's going to be, blah blah blah so I felt like I had to get a ton done really fast.  She'll chill, hopefully.
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    Is your friend my friend? Tell me the truth because this seem verrrry familar.
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