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yikes..officiant not registered with NYC??

just got a phone call from the Marriage Bureau and it seems they "can't find" our officiant in their database. the officiant we had the contract with wound up having to get a friend to sub in for her, and maybe she didn't think about whether he was licensed in NYC. he came in from NJ for our Brooklyn wedding. clearly i should have thought about this as well and i'm kicking myself about it. the bureau is apparently sending us a letter telling us taht he needs to register but he didnt' really want to tell me over the phone if that means our wedding is invalidated....

i have already emailed the officiant and asked him to call the bureau because they don't have him as registered. feeling a bit freaked out--does anyone know whether we will have to go get married again at City Hall? thanks!

Re: yikes..officiant not registered with NYC??

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    That REALLY sucks.  SO sorry to hear it.  BUT, the process for getting hitched at City Hall is cheap and quick, if you do have to do that... I'd expect a refund from the officiant, though!!
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    Ditto on the refund.  That officiant should have told you the deal.
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    update: the officiant is registered and sent me a scan of his license which shows the number clearly. now i have to get back in touch with the marriage buearu and find out what the heck the problem is!
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    No doubt, just a little example of awesome NYC city government in action... If you're a lawyer & deal with the NY courts, you've experienced a lot of similar joy... Good luck!
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    so it turns out that the marriage bureau recently updated their database...which messed up the registration numbers for a ton of officiants, including ours. oy. all is fixed for us now--what a relief!
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    I am also going to google this but was it easy for him to get registered? Our officiant is coming in from Texas (he's a friend) and I have to find out how he can get registered!
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