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Hi all,
thought I'd share.  I went to a wedding this past weekend in New Jersey - Addison Park.  WOW - very pretty - different.  Lots of glass so the lights, etc reflect so beautifully it makes an amazing presentation.  Food was great too.

I again attended another event with florals done by Designs By Rose and AGAIN I was amazed at her work/design.  I got there a bit early and got to see her in action.  The florals - two different designs and the place card table - all stunning.

I thought I'd mention as its nice to hear of new places.  I was not familiar with the venue and was so impressed.

Hope this helps any one.

Re: Venue & Floral Info

  • slimiceslimice member
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    Thanks for sharing smsuzie. What part of NJ the venue?? My girlfriend is looking for a venue. I always heard wonderful raves about the florist, Design by Rose.

    Again, thanks for sharing.
  • smsuziesmsuzie member
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    I check in and out as my office is not great with keeping personal stuff open, but I love the Knot.

    anyway, the venue is in Aberdeen, NJ and it was only 25 minutes out of NYC, so if you come from Brooklyn or Queens its just under an hour drive which is not bad as it takes that long and more sometimes to get to the LI venues.  Its just beautiful.  Tell her to check it out.  I was so very impressed. 

    And of course Designs By Rose is amazing.  I love them. 

    Thanks for checking - I love to share any info I can. 
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