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Small budget, NYC wedding...can it be done?

Hi ladies,

I was wondering if you think it is reasonable to budget $10K for the venue (we're having the ceremony and reception in one place) and all of the food?  We're open to places in Brooklyn or Queens as well.   We're thinking we'll end up with 125 guests.  We have about a $20K-$25K budget but we want to spend a big chunk of that on our honeymoon in Tuscany.  

Any ideas for venues are appreciated :)


Re: Small budget, NYC wedding...can it be done?

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    It will be a challenge, but not impossible, particularly if you're open to venues outside Manhattan.  I know NYC knottie BethanyBez had a cool budget wedding reception at Branch nightclub (I think it was a cocktail reception)  You may want to consider paring down your guest list a little more, that will make your money go farther.  10K for 125 people would mean that your base price per person would be roughly $62 plus expect about 30% additional for tax and gratuity.  I think it's doable.
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    You might want to check out the Waterfront Crab House in Long Island City, Queens.  They have a private party space that fits up to 200 people.
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    Dittto, try to keep your list small and if you have to make concessions, you can do so regarding alcohol (maybe you can bring your own, I'm doing that; or limited open bar), and other areas.  But be prepared to up a bit past your $10k budget.
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    Take a look at the Renaissance of Astoria (queens). The venue is beautiful, kind of has an Italian feeling. You can get as low as $65 per person, $75 with wine and beer...

    Their website looks bad, but the place is really nice inside :)
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