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Hey, I'm doing the vistaprint save the date magnets like you suggested, and I've got them designed and all ready to go, but I'm having a major problem!! When I go to upload it for the free small magnets, it uploads horizontally instead of vertically. It says the resolution is fine. But then I click the turn 90 degrees thing, so it goes vertically, and then it says that the resolution is too low. I know that the resolution should be fine, so I'm wondering if it's distorting it somehow when I turn it 90 degrees. I'm pulling my hair out and was wondering ifyou could help? I can email you the finished file if that would help, not sure if this makes sense to you. But I'm going crazy!

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    Hmm.  For the most part, I haven't uploaded anything to the site - I usually use their standard designs.  Maybe you can save the file the opposite way that you have it saved, and try to upload it that way.  In theory, if it's rotating the file you have to the incorrect position, then saving it in the incorrect position should upload it the right way?  Maybe? Other than that, I would suggest calling the customer support line; they may be able to help. Sorry I can't help more :)
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    That makes sense lol, I'm going to try that
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    I'm not tide, but I did magnets with my own design through VP. You should be able to select from VP whether you want horizontal or vertical orientation before you upload. If you make that match whatever orientation your original file is in, you should be fine.In the end, it doesn't matter which way you upload/print them, since they'll be cut to size.
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    I finally figured it out, thanks for the help, I ended up having to redesign it and make it larger. Finally!
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