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Need a judge to perform ceremony!

Hi everyone,

So it's kind of a long story, but basically I need a judge in NYC to perform my marriage ceremony.  It can't be a minister or religious official of any kind, or even a wedding officiant who is just not religiously affiliated, it has to be a judge or city official of some kind.  These are the requests of my future in-laws and it's fine with me but I have been calling all over the place and scouring the internet and just can't seem to get anywhere!! Also they won't accept going to "city hall", meaning the marriage bureau downtown. Has anyone had a judge perform their ceremony? Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks so much in advance!!

Re: Need a judge to perform ceremony!

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    I'm not sure if my officiant entirely fits your in-laws requests but he's a retired judge. He now does wedding ceremonies and handles other legal stuff. Feel free to email me at lanajade.knottie [at] gmail if you're interested.
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