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What style of necklace would you wear with this dress:Most of the pictures that come up in google for this style show the model/person wearing no necklace, but I'd really like to wear one.  I was thinking a thin chain with some sort of pendant.  What about something like this (I really, really like snowflakes):

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    Do you have earrings/ a veil planned?Personally, I wouldn't wear a necklace with that neckline, but the necklace you've posted is pretty if you'd like to wear it.
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    I won't be wearing a veil and I was going to plan earrings around the the necklace.  If I went with something like the one I posted, I would probably just wear my diamond studs.
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    I would personally wear pearls with that neckline if I as choosing to wear a necklace.
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    Small string o' pearls might work, too.
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    I wore my moms 16" strand of pearls with my off the shoulder.  An 18" would have worked too.  
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    Thanks guys, but I don't like pearls.  I did buy a 3 string, illusion necklace with small pearls and crystals on it.  I've been second guessing it though and thought a pendant would work better with it.  Gah, what to do, what to do.
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    Ok, since the snowflake pendent was pretty cheap, I ordered it.  I'll try it, the illusion pearl/crystal on, and no necklace and just decide from there what looks best. Thanks for all your help, guys!!
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    From your description, it sounds like the illusion necklace would be pretty with the neckline. I just worry that the snowflake will detract from the neckline. It IS cute, though; maybe you can wear it for your RD/HM.
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    Oooo pretty! I love the neckline :)
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