I hope I'm not turning into a bridezilla....

I got over it when my aunt stopped speaking to my mother (and has decided to boycot the wedding along with her entire family) because my aunt's daughter-in-law was not invited to the bridal shower.  I got over it when my sister's ex threatened to not allow my nephew to be my ring bearer.  Now, I think I've hit my bridezilla breaking point.  My shower was over a month ago.  One of my BMs volunteered to take the majority of the pictures (after flaking out over a few things and accidentally arriving too late to help with any of the set-up).  After two weeks passed, I asked her to please send me a disc with the pics.  She said that she had been too busy to filter though and post them.  I said don't worry about posting since I know you're busy, and I'll post what I like when I get the CD.  My mom also emailed her about them, since she hadn't seen them either.  My mom also posted something on facebook to be supportive because of crazy drama.  Said BM then proceeded to send me a nasty email calling me ungrateful, demanding, and other not-so-nice things.  We spoke, and I thought things were fine, but I STILL haven't seen the pics.  She acted like my bachelorette party was a huge chore, and barely spoke to me all night.  Now what?  Should I ask again for my pics, or let it go?  Please help!!!!
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