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Reception card wording

My FI and I are trying to figure out the wording for our reception card.  Our wedding is formal with a cocktail hour with passed hor'sdevours (sorry I can't spell) and a seated dinner.  Is it proper to include on the reception card a cocktail hour time?

Cocktail hour at six o'clock in the evening
formal reception to follow


six o'clock in the evening

or something completely different. 

Re: Reception card wording

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    Is the reception in another location than the ceremony?
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    Hors d'oeuvres.  I only know that from typing it a million times in posts :)

    And if your cocktail hour and reception are in the same space, you don't need to list them separately.  
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    yes. the ceremony is at 4:30 and cocktail hour starts at 6 and the reception starts at 7.  The CH and reception are the same location but the ceremony is a the church down the street.
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