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FML- Morning Edition

Good Morning?

Here are my FMLs.

In the basement of our house is a ton of little snakes. They look like worms, so they aren't dangerous but fvck I am scared of snakes so I hate them. They actually live outside but get in cracks in the basement (so lovely). This morning I walked into my bathroom and found one coming out to the vent on the floor. FML.

H's work situation is semi handled. Essentially he was accused of things he did not do. Due to where he works an investigation would have had to take place and they would have just let him go rather than actually go into the investigation. Turns out the woman that accused him of illegal things did so because he hurt her feelings. Her boss actually told H's boss that. Wait did you for real just accuse him of that because he hurt your feelings? I am sorry. You came THIS close to ruining someone's life over hurt feelings? Are we 12?

GOD fml :( 
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