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Wedding in the backwoods

My husband and I are planning our ceremony and most likely it's going to be in a remote town about 30 minutes from the nearest stores, motels and about 1 hour from the seattle airport. Is it wrong to make my guest travel the distance and pay the money to travel to the ceremony? 

Our wedding is country, we are having a bonfire, roasting marshmellows and all sorts of things. The only people getting dressed up is the wedding party.

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    I think an hour is asking alot personally. People might not want to rent a car for one night and a cab ride for an hour could be really expensive. Could you perhaps send a shuttle to pick them up? Otherwise I can see this being a very expensive trip.

    Also, it seems a bit strange to be around a bonfire roasting marshmellows but yet being in fancy wedding attire.

    i was at a wedding where this was done but the ceremony and reception were at a hall and then afterwards the bride and groom invited all guests to change and meet them on the beach for a bonfire. I would be pretty pissed if I purchased a brand new bridesmaid dress and then someone dropped marshmellow gook on it or it ended up smelling like smoke at the end of the night.

    I don't think necessarily that your idea is a bad one but the transportation might be hairy and I think it should be more of a casual affair for everyone, bridal party included. If you want to wear a wedding dress, that's fine, but i wouldn't require formal dresses for your bridal party.
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    i dont think its all that bad, but i grew up in a remote area so driving 2-3 hours to a major airport to go anywhere was normal and expected.

    is this country location where you live tho?  or is it just somewhere you liked?  if you arent actually residing there, then i think its too much to ask to do a destination location with this much travel.

    i also think formal wear for a campout is odd.

    also, if its north of the city, SeaTac is south of the city and that drive is a pain in the butt no matter what time of day.  I-5 is dreadful.  I have family on Camano Island which should only be abotu an hour's drive but it always takes much, much longer.

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    I am doing a simillar wedding however where we are having our wedding is a conservation park (Im in Canada) and we can camp there, I added on my wedding website to bring a tent or camper along and stay the night or even the weekend. My family and the grooms family are all campers and really enjoy the idea so who cares what people think if thats how you want your big day then do what you please!
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    I would think the travel between the hotel and the airport is fine and generally expected. I live, and am getting married, an hour from both the closest major airports near us, so it's what it has to be. I would possibly look into a shuttle from the hotel to the location of the wedding though. It might be a nice gesture. 
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    That sounds like a blast. I would go. Not all of your guests will be up for it, so as long as you're okay with possibly having fewer people come (as opposed to the number that would attend a more accessible wedding), then I don't see anything wrong with it. There will always be people traveling to weddings.

    I do agree that the formal attire might be a little out of place and uncomfortable. Don't specify on the invitations or website what people will wear - because it's outside, people may want to be alittle more comfortable and wear flats rather than heels and bring a cardigan, just in case. They may get dirty, too. They'll wear what they're comfortable with in that setting.
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    I guess my question is, how close is the nearest hotel or place to sleep? If I'm travelling by plane to get somewhere, I don't mind a longer commute to get to the hotel area. But I'd want the hotel and the wedding locations to be reasonably close to each other. 
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    My dd got married at Kitsap Memorial State Park near Poulsbo, about 2 hours from SeaTac.  Many of the guests were from out of state.  They all made their own travel and accommodation arrangements.  Many of the out-of-towners stayed about 30 minutes away.  (Suggestions were posted on the wedding website, along with lots of information about the location.)  There really is no such thing as a shuttle in the area.

    Somehow, about 120 of the 140 invited guests managed to show up on their own from California, Illinois, Oregon, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, as well as from all over the Puget Sound area.  It was rustic, in the woods, and people seemed to enjoy that it was different than a Chicago ballroom reception. No marshmallow roast, but there could've been one.  Most women wore short dresses (as did the bridesmaids), men wore everything from suits to shorts. 

    Don't worry about it - plan the wedding you want, and then invite people.
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