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To ask or not to ask....

My future brother in laws (x2) are going to be renting a passenger van while in town for my wedding.  The main purpose for this is that they will be driving to LA the day after the wedding to do a family vacation.

My quandary is this: Our Ceremony site and Reception site are a little more than 1/2 a mile away from eachother.  The Ceremony site has horrible parking as it is in a downtown area.  We are encouraging guests to park at the reception site, where there is plenty of parking and shuttling them from and back to the reception site for the Ceremony. 

Would it be overstepping my place to ask my future brothers to act as "shuttles" since they will have the largest vehicles? I have never met them, and so don't quite know how they would react.  My FH has no opinion on the matter. 
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