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Ceremony and Reception in Two Different Cities

I am considering having my wedding ceremony in Houston, and the reception in Galveston. Is it too much to ask my guests to drive almost an hour for the reception? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Re: Ceremony and Reception in Two Different Cities

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    IMO, yes, that is too much to ask.
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    I think yes, also.... would you be able to have the ceremony with just bridal party and parents and then have the other guests meet you at the reception to celebrate? 
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    ...or just have everything in Galveston?  An hour is far.
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    Yes.  It's too far.  Many people will skip one.
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    Yes, it's too much.  Find another place.
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    What's your reasoning for wanting to do this? They're both large cities, so I'd be surprised if you couldn't find a simliar ceremony site/reception site in the other city.

    IMO, 15 minutes is a good limit for driving. I wouldn't personally mind more than that, but it's courteous to make the drive as short as possible.
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    I would definitely skip your ceremony if you were asking me to drive an hour between sites. I'm sure you can find a better solution.
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    Yes, I'd decide which is more important to you. I'd say 15-30 minutes is acceptible to ask your guests to drive. If you provide transportation, I sitll wouldn't make the drive more than 40-45 minutes.
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    Yes, that is too far to drive between ceremony and reception.
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    20 minute drive, tops. 
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    I have been to weddings where we had to drive for days...i hated it.  The only reason I could see you doing this is if the places had special meaning to you.  But even then, it really sucks for your guests.  If I was close to you Id probably still attend both, but I wouldnt be thrilled about it....
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    Yes, especially in traffic on the freeway.

    If you were to say anywhere S. of Nasa Rd 1 for the ceremony (technically Webster) and then the reception in Galveston, I'd say that would be fine, but if you are trying to have your wedding anywhere inside the Beltway, it would be too far, IMO
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    Ok, everyone was right! I decided to consolidate everything in Galveston. I appreciate everyone's input :) - Amanda
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