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170 Guests, $10K Budget: Any ideas?

My fiance and I have a large guest list of family and friends: 170!
But a SMALL budget -- $10K (more or less) -- for the ceremony and reception
(not including dress, photos, honeymoon, invitations, etc which we are budgeting for separately or not at all).

Some requirements:
  • NYC (any borough) or nearby metro area is ok
  • Strongly prefer INDOOR venue for both ceremony and reception (leaning toward winter/spring 2013 so weather is a real concern)
  • Not picky about fancy details and decorations -- just want everyone to be comfortable and enjoy themselves
  • We need some free flowing booze! (but not picky about top shelf)
  • Everyone needs a seat, since we will have guests young and old (so 'cocktail reception' doesn't work well for us).
  • Would prefer a place that can accomodate 170 seated guests AND a dance floor
Is this possible??
Open to any any suggestions.


Re: 170 Guests, $10K Budget: Any ideas?

  • You may be able to do this at the Tarrytown Doubletree.  I am having my wedding there and they offer per person prices starting at $70.  The venue is really nice, the food is really good, too.  We upped our package a lot but if you dont do overly extravgent cocktail hour and dont mind not having topshelf, you may be able to try it.  Linda Ferone is really wonderful, she is the catering director, and she will work with you in your price range.  Also, remember just because you are inviting 170 does not mean that 170 people are going to show, you are probably looking at 140 guests, we invited 275 people about, and only have 204 guests coming.  Summer months are less expensive at the doubletree, as well.  If you would like any more info, please let me know, I would be more than happy to help you :)
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  • The Old Bermuda Inn located in Staten Island has weddings starting from $55 per person. I'm not sure what there max amount of guest limit is. 
  • Trying calling Shea from ElitebEvents. I got hire off a recommendation from another knottie. So far she's great. And my friend hired her 4 months edits her wedding and they put together a beautiful wedding for her and she had the same budget as well...not exactly 170 guests lol but 100. It's worth a try though. I mean if there's a great place out there thats not charging an arm and a leg then they will know about it. Best of luck!
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