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  • Current coworkers, yes, because I don't spend time with them out of work. But I had two tables of former coworkers at my wedding because they are people I have associated with outside of the workplace for years.
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  • My FI has his boss on the list, along with some classmates (same category to me).  I'm not close enough to any of my classmates to invite them, and I wouldn't invite the other teachers from my fieldwork sites.
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  • I am inviting coworkers that I socialize with and those that I'm close to since it's a small company and I've been here 3 years. I am not inviting anyone that was hired this year since many of them work outside the office onsite at clients and I hardly ever see them.
  • I haven't decided yet. I have a somewhat small department (15ish people), so it wouldn't be too much to invite them all. I just need to figure out if we have the space money-wise for them and their spouses. I actually feel like a lot of them won't come because it's 90ish miles from where we work, but you never know!

    So my answer is maybe. But I'm not inviting them out of obligation, that's kinda where I feel this question was going.
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  • I only have 2 coworkers, so I invited them.  H works for a much larger company, so he only invited people he actually socializes with.
  • We are not inviting any coworkers, his or mine. Its a small wedding, for close family and friends and i make it a rule to not get close to my coworkers, strictly business relationships. Same with him.
  • FI invited the coworkers he feels close to, spends the most time with. Out of five couples invited though, only one is able to make it. I'm in grad school, so my classmates are the same idea. I invited the ones I spend time with outside of classes. If we don't spend time together socially, I didn't invite them.
  • Yes, because we're having a smaller wedding.  I struggled with this though because I work in a small office, FI works in a huge office however, so we just had to nix the idea to keep it fair and the budget under control.
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    Current coworkers yes I did.  Even though I am close to a few I felt that if I invited one I would have had to invite them all (which would have added another 30 to our list) just to keep the work area peace.

  • Tami87Tami87 member
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    If our wedding had been in the city I live in I would have invited co-workers. I am a graduate student working in a lab with only a few other people. As it is, it would require a plane ride or a 14.5 hour drive for any of my co-workers to attend. I knew that none of them are that close to me that they would make that kind of trip for my wedding, so I thought an invite might just look like a gift request so I decided against it. I did decide to invite my boss/advisor and his family though, but I did not expect him to attend.
  • Neither of us are inviting co-workers. Neither of us are close enough to co-workers to feel that we want them there - especially when we're going have to cut family as it is.
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  • I work with 2 ladies on a regular and close-quarters basis. I am also pretty close to both of them; we talk about family, interests, daily woes, etc.  They are like my family away from home.  Aside from that, no one else is invited from work.  Surprisingly, there were a few people who asked me if they were invited, and I thought that was pretty rude considering they hardly spoke to me on a regular basis.  People are so weird sometimes...
  • FI is inviting his But I don't plan on inviting any of mine. I work in a very small agency and I don't think it would be fair to pick and chose over inviting everyone. I also happen to work in the chemical dependency field and not all of my co-workers will take the fact that we're having an open bar very well. Better to just not invite any of them and save myself the grief. 
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