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Room Block for 200 out of town guests?

How many rooms should I block?  I am getting married on Cape Cod and they have a ton of smaller hotels so I just want to make sure I have enough rooms.  Any ideas?

Re: Room Block for 200 out of town guests?

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    Wouldn't you know better than us?  We don't know how many singles, couples or families you have invited. 
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    I'd say one for every invitation (not person). Generally couples and families share a room.

    Most hotels won't make you pay for unused rooms, so if everyone doesn't come, then you are ok. But don't try to block ALL of the tiny hotels up,  and then risk having no one book and screwing over the innkeepers.
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    I'd actually say 80% for every invitation. So for 80 invitations, do like 60 rooms. I might actually lean towards 40 though. Many places will give you the ability to add more rooms to your block later, if the block fills up and rooms are available. (The hotel I'm booking at also makes me guarantee 90% of the rooms. Gah.)

    How many are couples and families? How many do you expect to come? Will any of them make the drive back the same night?
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    Wow, that's a lot of rooms. 

    First of all, if you have 200 people on your guest list, that doesn't mean 200 people will attend.  If many of your guests have to travel from OOT, then you might have even fewer affirmative responses. 

    While it is a courtesy to reserve blocks of rooms, and try to secure a discount for your guests, you don't have to do so.  They are capable of making their own travel and hotel accommodations at the hotel of their choice.

    You really need a better idea of how many guests are likely to attend before you go reserving that many rooms.  Most hotels will give you until a deadline to either book (guarantee payment) of the rooms, or cancel the reservation.  If possible time the hotel's deadlines for after you start getting responses back.
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    It depends.  I went through our invite list and noted who I thought would need a room.  OOT guests who have to fly or drive more than 2 hours to get to the wedding, and local guests who will want to drink (more than 1 or 2 drinks).  Then, I blocked about that many rooms.  My hotel doesn't require a guarantee at all.  They will likely retract their offer of a free room for us on our wedding night if only 20% of what I blocked gets booked, though.
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    I am on the cape as well, 2 weeks after you and have about 210 guests invited all at least an hour away.

    Since its September on the Cape and not june-aug, you can prob get some rooms blocked at a couple places and just have them continue to add as they book without any guarantee. So maybe 10 rooms at 2 differnet hotels/inns? I am having all mine blocked at ocean edge but giving guests other recommendations to stay on my website, but without the discount hoping they all stay at the same place. The places in the area are not any cheaper so there is no point have a ton of different places for me.

    What part of the cape are you in?

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    Upper or lower Cape?

    We did several places, wedding was at Willowbend.  They have up to 22 villas if you reserve early

    I also have a list of the hotels we blocked. so if you're lower Cape, emai me.  ootmother  I can help you with this
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    I would say 10 rooms from about 5 hotels (50 rooms total). Many hotels won't let you block more than a few rooms, so you want to block from a few different hotels in a range of prices. Guests who intend to stay overnight will be able to book their rooms from the selection. You don't have to block rooms for every guest attending, just enough so that the hotels don't fill up too quickly from travelers who aren't part of your wedding.

    Another idea is to see about "Day rentals." Some condos/apartments/houses rent their place for just a day or week. Many more people can stay in these places (so if a bunch of your friends from school are coming they can rent one of these and stay together instead of having to individually rent a room). This works well if many of your guests know each other.
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