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Studio Square vs. Millesime vs. Columbia Faculty house

My fiance and I have looked at several venues and we really like Studio Square, Millesime, and Columbia Faculty house. Has anyone had experience using these venues? Our concerns about each of them are the following:

Studio square - There were a couple of very negative reviews of them on some wedding sites online saying that they added extra costs at the last minute and weren't there to man the elevator as early as promised. They don't include a tasting in the price, but have a group tasting with other couples. Also, we have a lot of out of town guests and are a little concerned it would be harder for them to get there.

Columbia faculty house - We want to have good food, and the menu doesn't look especially good or interesting. Also they do not have vegetarian options listed on the menu, and I want to make sure there are good choices for my father and bridesmaid who are vegetarian. Also they seem pretty inflexible about certain rules and how the menu can be changed.

Millesime - The events manager recently changed. When we met the new guy, who had started 2 weeks before, he seemed very harried and made us wait for about an hour as he was managing two events. My biggest concern is that the management of the event may not be smooth, or they may have a lot of turnover in who runs things. Also I again would be concerned about vegetarian options since it is not a normal part of their menu.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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