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Wedding is in TWO years, and MIL is already driving me crazy!

Okay, I need some advise on this.  I just recently got engaged, and we set the date to be two years from now.  My parents are going to be the ones paying for the wedding, so they told me we would start planning after the new year once it starts getting within a year/year and a half from the wedding.  My future mother-in-law didn't get that memo though.  Everyday she calls me telling me of this great band we have to get, or her friend the photographer that we can use.  I know she is excited, but honestly I think she will be upset if we don't use her ideas.  I know what wedding I want, and my mom and I are on the same page.  I mean my parents are paying for all of it after all!  I dread seeing her everytime because she will not shutup about the wedding, even though it's a long time from now.  I don't want to hurt her feelings by not including her, but I think wedding planning should be done by me, my fiance, and whoever is paying for it (My parents). 

Re: Wedding is in TWO years, and MIL is already driving me crazy!

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    She didn't get the memo? Well send her one. If she isn't on the same page, get her on it. Talk to her, let her in on some of your ideas.

    My advice? Don't be so mean, this is a big deal for her too. What if it was the other way around and she didn't give a crap. Or, if your parents weren't shelling out all the $$  would you shut them out of the planning? Yea, it's two years away, way too early for you to be crying about this. I hate when girls are rude to the FMIL's, they can have suggestions without paying for them. You're not rude to her face (yet), but over the next year I can see it getting there.

    You can also ask her to pay you every time she has something to say, you made it a point to point out your parents have all the say b/c they have alll the money.

    horrible. Ease up or your next two years are going to be rough.
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    i would just politely tell her that you will consider some of her ideas.  but you are under no obligation to use her ideas or even include her in the details of the planning.  but as others said, you have to be polite about it.
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