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NYC reception ideas?!

Hi - I am looking for NYC reception venues.  We are aiming to have 125-150 guests.  Any places for under $150pp? We are flexible with our date but are aiming for a Sunday June wedding.  Any advice?!

Re: NYC reception ideas?!

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    We had our wedding at the 3 West Club, (
    It has a great terrace overlooking Rock Center and St. Pats and a really pretty/classic ballroom.  It's in your price range and size, and the food is fantastic!

    Some other venues that may be in that ballpark:
    -Moran's of Chelsea
    -Bridgewaters (but probably more $$ for a June weekend)

    I'm sure I'm missing another, but it's a start!
    Maybe Seaman's Institute?  (not sure)
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    I remember Manhattan Penthouse being in that price range when I was researching venues. Also check out Battery Gardens.

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    if you are willing to look in the outer boroughs you shouldn't have a problem finding a place for that much on a Sunday. the Dyker Beach Golf Course is particularly nice and they would probably work with you on price, especially since they opened in this lousy economy. there are lots of catering halls in Brooklyn and Staten Island. The Bay Ridge Manor, Oriental Manor, Gargiulo's, Micali Terrace....definitely others. I can't promise you will get top-notch food at any of them, but it depends on what you're looking for. 
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    Thank you for all your advice. We are going to look at some of these places on Monday.  Let the planning begin!
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    Try Jersey City Hyatt - I know it sounds strange but there is a beautiful room on the 9th floor surrounded by windows.  It's right on the Hudson River so the view is from the statue of liberty to the gW bridge.  It holds up to 300 people and it's very affordable and right next to the PATH train.
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