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If you're going to post a picture in your signature, you have to upload it to a website.

You want to choose a photo that's not gigantic. I usually do a 200 x 300 pixel image. A good website for resizing is photobucket.

Go to and create an account. Make it just for using stuff on TK, because people can see all of the stuff you have one there. My username for my TK photobucket is jessandtrav. It's so original.

Anyway, you can upload the pictures from your computer. Once it's loaded, it'll bring you to this screen:

Ignore the blue buttons and click the picture.

Then you'll the picture. If you hover over the picture, some options should come up like this:

Select EDIT />RESIZE. Then it'll bring you here:

In the grey-ish box, make sure that the "keep proportions" option has been clicked and I never click the "Use percentages" option.

If the photo is landscape in orientation, then you want the numbers to be around 300 x 200. If it's portait in orientation, you'll want it to be 200 x 300.

Once you're done, click "save a copy"

Don't click "Replace original" It never works right.

Once you've done that, it'll bring you to this screen and you can copy and paste the DIRECT URL. (The one the arrow is pointing at.)

Then go to TK />Update Signature />Edit My Avatar & Bio and then go down to the signature box.

Type <*img src=""*>

Just remove the red *s that I've inserted. Click save and then you're done!

I broke it down because you said you're not computer saavy, not because I think you're stupid. :)

Re: For the Non Tech Saavy Folk

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    Dear Jess,

    I love that you used the candyvan pic for the demo.

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    It was the best and only choice. :D

    I knew that someone would enjoy that.
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    Thats way too long. Just load the pic on tinypic (i use message board proportions and play with the width in the code later), enter in the last code given into the <*img src=http://picurlhere">

    way fewer steps.
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    Nebb? Did you post here and then delete? It said you posted, then it said you didn't and I can't see anything.

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    I did post, and from what im looking at now its deleted the updated sig I have had for the last hour and put my damn dog back up. It will probably be back to normal once i post this, making me sound crazy.
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    Psssh, I didn't know that TinyPic had that, lol.

    Yeah, it's easier that way.

    IDK if TinyPic keeps your photos...but TinyPic didn't exist when I first got a photobucket, so I just stick to that.
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    edited January 2010
    In Response to <a href="">Re: EVIT</a>:
    [QUOTE]Thats way too long. Just load the pic on tinypic (i use message board proportions and play with the width in the code later), enter in the last code given into the <*img src=http://picurlhere" /> way fewer steps.
    Posted by Nebb[/QUOTE]
    Ditto this.  You don't have to resize the image if you use the code <img src="tinyurl" width=175 />

    Edit: I skip tinypic, too.  I just get the url to my pics from my photobucket account.
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    thanks so much for posting this. I have been struggling!

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    Ok I'm checking to see if it works, TIA!! You guys are great!
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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    Yay!! thank you
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